Lincewood Primary School - Photo by Anna Hughes

At the heart of Magnificent Revolution is education. We find that sharing skills and learning is the essential ingredient in?? progression and evolution as individuals and as communities.

CO2 emissions from energy production are the primary contributors to climate change. People???s awareness of climate change, its impacts and solutions are on the rise. The next challenge is to act upon what we have learnt, which will be difficult, especially as energy is widely available to us and our use of energy and the climate changes it causes are largely invisible. As long as we keep paying our bills, there will be power to run our TVs, toasters and microwaves. Telling someone that they are using 1800 watts right now has very limited value, because it is difficult to know what that means. How can we expect to change something we can???t comprehend? What does 1800 Watts mean? How can we reduce our daily energy use?

Energy is a difficult concept to grasp. Changes in how we use, perceive and value energy is essential in addressing climate change and reducing our carbon footprint but there are very few tools available for visualising and enhancing our understanding of what the power consumption of electrical appliances means. Pedal generators have proven to be one of the best educational tools for teaching about energy, power consumption and renewable technologies for children, teens and adults.

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