100W Bicycle Generator

MR has been working with bicycle generators for over 3 years. During this time we’ve tried a lot of different motors for our bicycle generators from washing machines to electric scooters. Choosing which motor to use is often a tricky process and that’s why we’ve developed our bicycle generator units to help you get your bicycle powered projects started.

100W Bicycle Generator

Magnificent Revolution Bicycle Generator

A year in development but it’s finally here…

The 100W Bicycle Generator is able to harness physical power and convert it into electrical current for use in a variety of appliations. You can use it to power your laptop, lights or charge a battery. Made using a permanent magnet DC generator capable of producing 100W, the sturdy aluminium roller and mounting plate mean that this generator is built to last. The belt drive system ensures a smooth transfer of power from the bicycle wheel.

The electricity produced by the bicycle generator can produce a voltages up to 50V and you will need to regulate this before attaching any appliances. Have a look at our Power Pack and D.I.Y. kits to help you convert the electricity produced by the generators for use with DC or AC applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Adaptable Wheel Size 24 – 27-inch / 650c – 700c
  • Dimensions (with Training Stand) W 630 x D 460 x H390 mm
  • Voltage Output 0-50V
  • Current Output 0-3A

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