A.C. Power Kit

Similar to the D.C. Power Kit but this time we’ve included the AJ275-12 Studer Inverter and plug socket so that you can pedal power your household A.C. 240V appliances.

The inverter produces a pure sine-wave?? and will work perfectly with any appliance (as long as you can pedal hard enough). Designed to be used with our 100W Bicycle Generator (sold separately).

AC Power Kit includes:

1 x AJ275-12 Studer Inverter
1 x Weatherproof socket IP55
1 x 12V Plug Socket
1 x DC to DC Converter 10-60V/4.5-15V
1 x Heatsink
1 x 0.5 Farad Capacitor
1 x 15A Circuit Breakers
1 x Bridge Rectifier
Crimp terminals
2.5 mm cabling

You will need:

Multimeter or Voltmeter
Wire strippers
Crimping tool
Needle-nose Pliers
Soldering Iron
Allen Keys
Electrical Screwdriver

All kits come with a step-by-step wiring guide and complete component user manuals.

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These products are designed to be D.I.Y. kits and Magnificent Revolution takes no responsibility for equipment built using these components. You are advised to ask a qualified electrician to have a look at your setup before operation. Always be careful around electricity.

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