MR facilitates adult workshops for those interested in learning the ins and outs of pedal power generators.?? Our workshops have a good balance of theory and hands-on experience. Participants can discover how to use their own bike as part of a small power station, capable of powering computers, stereos, TVs and other small household appliances. Participants will find out about:

  • Basic system design
  • Load assessment
  • Power generation
  • Electricity storage using batteries
  • Conversion of DC to AC electricity by inverters
  • Control and monitoring of power.

Participants will take turns in constructing 3 different types of pedal powered systems. The 3 scenarios provide?? insight into the various equipment used in renewable systems and the pros and cons of these systems.?? Basic D.I.Y skills are an advantage but are essential to take part in any of our workshops.

There is a possibility to run a workshop where participants leave with their own generator at the end. However, these inquire extra costs in materials and planning.

Our adult workshops last between 3 hours to a full day. Group sizes are flexible as we can provide more than 1 tutor per workshop. The maximum number of participants however shouldn???t exceed 12 persons to ensure that everyone has a good learning experience.

We???re happy to develop and run workshops tailored specifically to specific organisations and/or events (e.g. build your own 12V sound system). You can inquire and request more details via contact us.

Children & Young People

MR understand the importance of children and young people being equipped with knowledge and skills in order to actively participate in building a sustainable world. MR has developed a series of workshops, providing a space for children and young people to express themselves creatively. In MR workshops, attendees learn about the issues surrounding energy production, consumption, climate change and what can be done to assure a sustainable future.

MR???s workshops are unique as they incorporate our bicycle power generator, which ties in many aspects of the curriculum from Science to PE in a hands on and participatory style.

MR workshops are delivered by young and progressive adults with experience and knowledge in design, art and ecology, creating a fun learning space with good role models.

Our workshops engage participants in:

  • Conceptualisation of energy, energy awareness and appreciation
  • Learning to examine issues critically and generate solutions creatively
  • Recognising the implicit connections between energy use and climate change
  • Learning about renewable energy production
  • Exploration of the history of human behavioural habits and creative visions of sustainable futures
  • Building motivation to take action and overcoming of barriers to change our personal habits

You can request a workshop sample by contacting us. We???re happy to develop and run workshops tailored specifically to certain age groups and/or events. Get in touch to tell us about your specific requirements.

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