The Pedal Sessions

Sam Isaac does The Pedal Sessions

The Pedal Sessions are a series of video performances produced by Magnificent Revolution powered by the bicycle-powered generator. Our programme is a mobile showcase of music, arts and culture with an environmental edge.

We wanted to provide a platform for artists to discuss issues that they may not have previously thought about or had the opportunity to address. By aligning musicians and environmental issues we can create new audiences and promote creative dialogues to explore ways to combat environmental issues both in our personal lives and as a society.

Our bicycle generator is an excellent way of introducing sustainable systems to people of all ages. Run on 100% human power, it provides a direct link between the audience and the performers. When the pedalling stops, so does the music.

Blind Pilot – The Pedal Sessions

Benjamin Folke Thomas – The Pedal Sessions.

Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou – The Allotment Song – The Pedal Sessions

Sam Isaac – Carbon Dating – The Pedal Sessions.

If you’re interested in performing at one of our Pedal Sessions then please contact us here or check out our vimeo channel.

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