Laptop, drill & CD player

The ‘Conversion Pin’ has yet to show up, so in its absence the new mountain bike gets rigged up so we can try generating power with the ‘belt driven method’. With the back tyre and inner-tube removed, we fastened one of our 250W ‘belt driven’ scooter motors to the floor and then just hook a […]

More bikes

A quality mountain bike and another road cruiser have been brought down the workshop, making a total of four working bikes, one found frame, one trike and single speed on it’s way. It’s not too hard to come by bikes being based in Cambridge, but getting the kit working with all these different shapes and […]

Bike nuts

A day running around checking our car pimp workshops and we’ve got ourselves 24 metres of sexy 30 Amp, 8AWG cable to wire the basics together. Connectors of the same calibre are harder to find, buying Cambridge out of ‘gold’ 8mm hoops, and a few more on order. Everyone loves the project though and we […]

Wiring meeting

Andy and Chris meet in ‘the barn’ at the Portland to take another look through the kit and hash out a final shopping list that will allow us to wire up three bikes, two ultra-capacitors, one power-cap and one invertor. Hopefully enough juice to power our test projector, or a fairly decent gig or two? […]

Tom’s Ink

Many thanks to Tom Morgan-Jones of fame for penning out a ‘crazy top-hat man on bike with projector in hat’ image. Luckily we liked it enough to use his first attempt, as the poor boy has gone down with Pneumonia and out of action for a while. He’s going to have to toughen up […]

Lucy’s ‘Conversion Pin’

Lucy and Andy meet for a quick chat about the design of the ‘conversion pin’ that we’re going to get made to hold skate wheels onto our electric scooter motors. This seemingly simple mechanical problem has been causing sleepless nights for a while, hopefully our conversion pin will mean we can play around with different […]

Radio power

So four of us meet in the barn to take a look at the small amount of kit that we’ve already got. A newly purchased hybrid road bike with a slick back tyre gets jacked up and we try out a motor with a skate board wheel barely attached. A radio becomes the first test […]

First bike

Nick the bike man has been busy and fixed up a fairly decent 2nd hand Hybrid bike that we picked up. Our first to have a super slick 2nd hand back tyre fitted, which is needed to cut down on noise when used on a ‘friction wheel’, like the skate board wheels we’re planning to […]

Workshop sorted

So we attacked the barn at The Portland Arms, in four hours it went from a big old mess of a place full of crazy ‘pub junk’ that had been building up over the years… To a fairly clean, open space, which will probably be big enough for about 10 bikes set up in there, […]

Found our workshop

We realised early on in the project that trying to build a cycle powered cinema was going to take a fair amount of space, with our calculations as they stand, we think we’re going to need at least ten bikes to power the thing. Ten bikes on stands takes up quite a bit of room […]

The story so far…

The idea for The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema came about in April 2007, between three people who thought they could somehow make it work. Some early purchases from ebay, borrowing a neighbour’s road bike and some basic tests seemed to prove that bike power wouldn’t be that hard to master. Talking to others with more […]


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