D.I.Y. is the page where we give away all of our bicycle powered technical secrets, stories of trials and tribulations, pulled hairs and never ending discussions about all things technical. If you’re after clean, sustainable electricity, produced at a local source then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll try to tell you everything we know about pedal power! We won’t be keeping any secrets as we believe that the more bike powered generators that are built and used then less pressure will be exerted on the national grid and our natural resources. Which is definitely a good thing!

If you feel that you need more help than just our D.I.Y. page then book on one of our courses. Please take a look at our upcoming events or contact us for more details. Otherwise, come and see one of our kits in full swing at one of our events. We’ll always be happy to talk to you in person so come and say hello.

How much power is made depends on the rider. The average person can comfortably sustain around 50-80 Watts(W) of energy over a longer period of time. A child may only produce as little as 15W. On the other hand, an avid cyclist can make about 100W and sometimes even 250/300W in short outbursts. If you find yourself wanting to generate more than 80W for extended periods than you’ll need a multi-bike generator.

Thirsty for more? Read on (Work in progress and more coming soon):

  1. Electricity Basics
  2. Single Bike Generator
  3. Multi Bike System (COMING SOON)
  4. Health & Safety Info (COMING SOON)

We’re excited about the spread of bike power. So, do let us know what you build and we’ll mention it on our blog.


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