Energy Cafe Workshop

A beautiful day at energy cafe allowed us to run our bike generation workshop in the early spring sun.?? Thanks soo much to Ella and Amy for being such great hosts for this free event where the basics of bike power were learnt by some motivated individuals, some of which have gone on to spread the word.

Back to square 1

After we’ve had some 12 bikes running powering this and that all year, we found ourselves in our shed with one bicycle figuring out what would be the best method to use in our “build you own bike-generator” workshop. We’re very resourceful and undemanding. Therefore,?? we’ve converted our usual office into a smallest workshop on the planet. We’ve always dreamed of workshops. Hopefully the real one will be slightly bigger than our little office made of hemp concrete and sustainably produced cedar shingles. There are a few different ways to build a single bike generator. Do we use a battery or a capacitor? Do we use a step down DC to DC converter? What’s the trade off with these methods? We’ll let you know once we do all of our measurements and we’ll also post the pros and cons of these methods on our D.I.Y page.

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