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The Tale of the Castle

June 2, 2009

A little while ago, we were approached by to come to The Castle, a climbing centre in Stoke Newington. We???ve come to learn that there are a few special things about this place. The first and most obvious is that the climbing centre is actually a small castle which is pretty unusual venue for your [...]

Northern Lights

May 28, 2009

Bikes, panniers trailers, trains???Mag Rev headed off up north. We like the north. It???s friendly, it???s cheap and they like our electrical bicycle magic. Dan from I BIKE MCR has even got some parts to build his own genie and you bet we???ll help him out. Maybe the seedling for northern wing of Mag Rev [...]


May 19, 2009

May, the month of Wood. Still in its infancy, and only its second year running, Wood festival was a great milestone for Mag Rev. So much interesting stuff happened that the woody adventures may be too much of a tale to tell but we gonna give it a super summary shot???so here we go: Miles traveled [...]