Spring Solstice at Energy Cafe

Blessed again with a sunny day at Energy Cafe in Essex, this time for the Spring Banquet.?? A land of endless food, interesting cooking devices and music where for the first time we added some solar panels into our system.?? Each time a cloud past or a child dressed as a jelly bean stepped in front of a panel the band would go silent.?? After dark we returned to trusty bike power late into the night.

Energy Cafe will find out whether they can stay on at Gunpowder Park within the month.?? We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Energy Cafe Workshop

A beautiful day at energy cafe allowed us to run our bike generation workshop in the early spring sun.?? Thanks soo much to Ella and Amy for being such great hosts for this free event where the basics of bike power were learnt by some motivated individuals, some of which have gone on to spread the word.

Magnificent Mud-Wrestling


A momento from Secret Garden Party 2008 courtesy of The Photographical Wizard that is Djim Mas

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