Educate and entertain about energy consumption in London

An energy crisis is a phenomenon that occurs when the demand for energy resources is significantly higher than their supply. Its causes may lie in the area of logistics, politics, or physical scarcity.

Energy consumption is a prerequisite for human existence. The availability of energy available for consumption has always been necessary to meet human needs, increase the duration, and improve their living conditions.

The first leap in energy consumption growth occurred when people learned to make fire and use it for cooking food and heating their homes. The sources of energy during this period were firewood and human muscle strength. The next important stage is associated with the invention of the wheel, the creation of various labor tools, and the development of blacksmith production. By the 15th century, medieval man, using draft animals, water and wind energy, firewood, and a small amount of coal, already consumed about ten times more than primitive man. A particularly noticeable increase in world energy consumption has occurred over the past 200 years since the beginning of the industrial era - it increased 30 times and in 1998 reached 13.7 Gigatons of fuel equivalent per year. A man of an industrial society consumes 100 times more energy than a primitive man.

Moreover, London-based students also contribute to the energy crisis. A good solution for them would be not to waste energy resources on lighting their rooms and charging their laptops while doing homework. Everything needed is to delegate their paper writing tasks to professional college essay writing services. Show them your college essay example and get an excellent paper.Apparently, renewable energy sources will be used in certain regions of the world favorable for their efficient and economic use, but on an extremely limited scale. The main share of the energy needs of humanity should be provided by coal and nuclear energy. True, so far, there is no such cheap source that would allow developing the energy sector as fast as we would like. Don’t forget to mention this fact in your next essay about summer vacation.

The CYCLE-IN CINEMA is an ongoing series of cinema events taking place around the UK.

Imagine a Drive-In Cinema without the cars. Audiences cycle to the screening, hook their bikes into the generator and power the show. Our new 20 bike generator is capable of producing up to 1kW so we can use a much larger projector and sound system. We’ve also been experimenting with a low-power FM transmitter to allow audiences to tune-in to the performances using their mobile phones or radios.

The Cycle-In Cinema is designed to educate and entertain. All the electricity for the screenings is produced by the cyclists. Audiences learn about energy consumption along the way using our unique display system to show how much power they are producing/consuming.

We’re currently on the lookout for exciting corners of London to hold our Tour de London in 2012 so get in touch if you’d like to bring the Cycle-In to your neighbourhood. The events could happen anywhere parks, rooftops and playgrounds.

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