Cycle Cinemas


We’ve produced cycle cinemas both big and small. From our??Cycle-In Cinema system, which uses up to 20 bicycles (or 40 legs!) to power a beefy 1kW sound system and 7000 lumen projector for film screenings or projections, to our??Cinema??Sidecar so you can project as you ride!

We invite our audiences to cycle to the event and use their very own bicycles to power the screening! It’s a great way of bringing people together to??promoting cinema, culture, sustainability, and renewable technology.

We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing film groups and organisations such as Gorilla Film Magazine,??Annexima, Bicycle Film Festival, Age of Stupid, The White Bus, Thessaloniki International Film Festival??& Straight 8??to screen all sorts of films in all sorts of places, from car parks to conferences.

If you’d like to find out more about bringing us to your event then contact us here.

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