Magnificent Revolution (MR) is a not-for-profit collective based in London. MR was established in 2007 to build The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema. The cinema had its premiere as part of The Arts Trail at the 2007 Big Chill festival when some 50 volunteers were involved in making the project happen. The collective is made up of artist, musicians, freaks, designers, eco builders, ecologists, engineers and other suspects. Since the summer of 2007, MR has progressed beyond just pedal powered cinema and flourished into an organisation with interests in cross-disciplinary projects involving education, ecology, engineering, design, art, music and film.

Our work builds on continuous re-examination of our actions and choices that are responsible for creating the current unsustainable social and environmental situation. MR work evolves around reinterpretation of our daily existences with unconventional perspectives. MR intends to stimulate thought and discussion about social and environmental concerns and how our small actions can be linked to greater global problems such as climate change. Through our projects, we wish to nurture learning and critical thinking needed to tackle future environmental and social problems with positive attitude and strengthen commitment towards social and ecological change. All MR projects seek to have educational value and illustrate the need for development of creative ways of living that have less impact on our planet.

MR senses the need for environmental issues to be communicated creatively. MR takes disciplines out of their traditional context, and shows them in their innovative form and fully engaged with current issues. MR upholds ideals that promote cross-fertilisation of disciplines that in the past were too often segregated in their specialisation. Principles of science, engineering, design, ecology and art can unite to support environmental and social change We believe that parts of the answers to our current crisis lie within these cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Our approach is concerned with the creative process with which we arrive at solutions. Here at MR, we feel that most of us are equipped to take responsibility for the world we live in. But to feel responsibility for the faith of this planet and its inhabitants, we need to be directly involved in the process of finding the solutions.

MR engages people of all ages and backgrounds. MR is open critiques and suggestions and thrives in collaborations, so get in touch with any nutty ideas???.we may be up for it!

At the very beginning, at our first adventure, some lovely people from Cambridge Super 8 group had made a sweet short film about our pedal powered cinema….enjoy!

What is Magnificent Revolution?

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