LILI Bicycle Power Workshop Weekend October 12-14 2012

LILI Bicycle Power Workshop Weekend October 12-14  2012

Want to use bicycle power to power appliances at home, start your own bicycle powered cinema or do you just want to know more?

We’ll be hosting a weekend course at LILI (Low Impact Living Initiative) on 12-14th October 2012. It’s a great introduction to not only bicycle power but also renewable technologies in general as we show you how to turn your bicycle into a mini power station capable of powering batteries, laptops, mobile phones, and even projectors.

Bring along your bicycle powered projects, get some advise and get your hands dirty building various different bike power systems.

One the first day we’ll be introducing you to the various ways of generating power using a normal road bicycle, the parts we’ll be using and where to get them. You’ll have a chance to build 3 different systems and learn about the pros and cons of the different methods. The evening will give us a chance to discuss peoples various bicycle power projects and a chance to chat with us one-on-one about and get some advise.

On the Sunday we’ll be focusing on linking bicycle generators together for large applications such as sound systems, projections, or battery charging.

The course is set at the beautiful Redfield Community, in Buckinghamshire, UK. The course price includes room and food for the weekend and a tour of the community’s stunning gardens and projects.

Prices start at ??150 for unwaged/student types.

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