Cyclothon, cycle powered cinematic marathon!

Cyclothon, cycle powered cinematic marathon!

Do not worry, it???s not our new range of cycling thongs. We???re planning something spectacular to blow away that mid winter blues and we want you guys to be involved from the start. So, here we go??? ?????????Mince pies, boring gym treadmills and failed New Year’s resolutions fear us??????as we bring you, in the month of January, the one and only, 1st of its kind Cyclothon, the cycle power cinematic marathon!

Just imagine, the ultimate seven hour long Star Wars workout or six hours of scary Aliens on pedals. Everyone coming has to be prepared to shed some Christmas pounds. We???re thinking big: 20 bikes pedaling through the night, fancy dress, stretching sessions, smoothies, massages etc etc etc

Is anyone up for helping to put this extravaganza together? We need to compile a list of films, find a venue, design promotional material, spread the word, organisation on the night etc etc etc etc?? Give a shout out to if you want to get involved. Once we have a solid crew, we???ll start cracking on with planning.

Let us know which film sequels you would like to put forward for a vote. Email with your suggestions by 13th of November. Then we???ll wack all the suggested films online for people???s vote.

Film sequels we thought of so far:

The Lord of the Rings (3 films, over 9h pedaling)

Batman (1989 series, 4 films, over 6h)

Back to the Future?? (3 films, almost 6h pedaling)

Toy Story (3 films, almost 5h pedaling)

Alien(s) (4 films, app 6h pedaling)

Star Wars (Original trilogy, 3 films, over 6h pedaling)

Rocky (4 films, over 7h pedaling)

Superman (1978 series, 4 films, app. 6.5h pedaling)

Mad Max (3 films, almost 5h pedaling)

The Matrix (3 films, almost 7h pedaling)
The Godfather (3 films, almost 9h pedaling)

Shrek (4 films, app 6h pedaling)

Futurama (4 straight to DVD films, app. 6h pedaling)

Evil Dead (3 films, over 4h pedaling)


Let us know if you have any other film suggestions..