A true story from Fukushima

A true story from Fukushima

Magnificent Revolution works very hard to inspire people about an alternative future. A future that is much less reliant on unsustainable power sources, like coal and nuclear, that threaten both our safety and the environment. A future where lessons learned from the past are thought about and acted upon.

Last week we met a family whose life has been turned upside down by the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster- a man made catastrphy triggered by a natural phenomenon.

Please read their story and if you think that you can help get in touch with us………

3.11 hit us with the most devastated earthquake no one could ever have imagined, but the outcome of the disaster was more horrific than was ever counted. My house is in Marumori Town in Miyagi, only 50-60 kilometers away from the Hukushima nuclear station. The government/TEPCO kept ensuring the safety of health of kids and women in the contaminated areas though they continue emitting an incredible amount of radioactivity into the sea. It took them 3 months to give the truth out to public that there was a melt down on the following day on 3.12.

Japanese were divided into half. Those who evacuated and those who remained.

The house that can no longer be occupied!

We evacuated straight away concerned for our 8 month old baby and 3 year-old girl under such agonized atomosphere. There was no electricity/water/fuel. We went around friend`s but never felt right anywhere.??My daughter got seriously stressed out and became physically ill. She would vomit, caused by constant stomach ache and kept creating sudden bursts of crying. It was sad to deal with the fact, as we were supposed to run away for better for kids. Yet that decision made huge pressure on her.

We went back after April to Tohoku and stayed in relatives for about 5 weeks. Though she felt mentally better with those who she was familiar with, I never felt safe. Masks on kids, no more local vegetables, bottled water for babies because it is said to cause serious damage internally to the small children with their growing cells. There are restrictions for how long kids should play outside, pools are prohibited in close areas like ours. 10 cm of sand removal work on approved school yards as radiated cells remain on the surface of lands…. and still the TEPCO forecasts the confident safety in the future.

I had a performance offer in June that I once rejected after 3.11. I immediately reconsidered it and decided to come over here with a whole family. Help and encouragement from my friends made this happen.

Now here we are.

Miracle invites miracle. My daughter now has a place at the reception in Sebright primary school ( Human Rights has won the legal procedure!) and my son will celebrate his first year birthday anniversary soon.

Citizens in Tohoku are under mess of propaganda. The sufferers live pressurized moments and in horrific worry. Most of mothers and kids are still there under restrictions and endless cares. And worst of all the nuclear power stations are STILL IN ACTION. Japan continuously receives aftershocks, and news are on the media every day. What strikes me mad is that Japan professors (who are meant to provide publics better understandings and transmissions of choices under great study of theirs?) always compare the situation with France (where has many nuclear stations. but none is in danger and they have no earthquakes!) or with Chernobyl (no similarity in scale and ways of explosion?) and just conclude as `no IMMEDIATE harm is reported in Japan`.

It is seriously the time the world needs to reverse back to live of the nature.

We lived on top of hill in the middle of nowhere in Miyagi for 4 years. We were in the middle of our plan for wooden self-built house there and just cleared all final documents to own the land of 660 square meters. my husband is a carpenter/lumberjack/architect and concentrated planning on house-building since last autumn. Now we have to all give up, just the dreamland is there laying as beautiful as ever.

We have to stay in this area E8/Broadway Market/Hackney for my daughter who will start her reception in September. If we move her around, her eligibility for school might not work out never again. Hence we would appreciate if a room or flat is offered kindly and cheaply to us until we get more settled around. Right now we reside in Regent Studios just off Broadway Market until up to the first week of September.

If anyone has advice or possibility in this issue, please let us know.

At the same time, we are sincerely grateful if any job opportunity comes up too.

My husband specializes on carpenter work/lumberjack/architect.

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Thanks for reading

The world peace

Ryoko Akama


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