The Bowthorpe Experiment

The Bowthorpe Experiment

Time travel by bicycle: a journey into the future of a city

We’re really excited about our gig this weekend in Norwich, The Bowthorpe Experiment – a mobile think-tank and short film screening.

An Invisible Dust project curated by Alice Sharp, The Bowthorpe Experiment will be presented by the artists Townley and Bradby and Jonathan Watts, and yours truly – Magnificent Revolution.

The event takes place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May 2011 at 7:30pm from Chaeplfield Gardens, Norwich, details below.

The Bowthorpe Experiment will visit moments in history by bicycle. Moments when Norwich could have chosen a different development path and moments which are deep in the future. It will be a mobile think-tank, a free-wheeling and ephemeral utopia, a chance for groups of up to fifteen people to re-imagine the city of Norwich as they literally travel through it.

Bicycle Health Check

Beginning at Chapelfield Gardens in the city centre, participants will have a?? quick and free ???bicycle health-check??? (height of saddle, tyre pressure, brake cables).?? If they don???t have a bike, will be able to borrow one from The Bowthorpe Experiment.


Using a megaphone, Townley and Bradby will ask participating cyclists to imagine the city of Norwich has been transformed by a radical and extensive series of one-way systems, cycle-priority routes and traffic blocks (which allow bikes to pass through).

This mobile discussion will be a collaborative venture designed to allow people the chance to explore their own imaginings and understandings of how we have arrived at the current city layout, and our current dependence upon the car.

Three Way Bicycle Time Travel and Re-imagining

Participants will firstly travel back in time and will be invited to experience key moments in the city???s history: the planning and development of the new district of Bowthorpe which took place in the 70???s and early 80???s.

Secondly they will travel forwards in time and imagine how life in the rest of Norwich would be changed if some of the benefits of the Bowthorpe street layout were extended to the rest of the city.

Thirdly they will be transported into the world of cinema when a film is projected onto the side of a building in Bowthorpe.

The Bowthorpe Experiment will be a fun opportunity to discuss visionary changes to the city.

Cinema powered by bicycle

The cycle tour will be taking with it a fabulous bike-powered cinema system, designed, built and run by Magnificent Revolution. This system is packed into two bike trailers which will be towed by two of the cyclists.

Date: Event takes place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May 2011


Tours leave Chapelfield Gardens at 7.30 pm each day (lasts 2.5 hours)

Booking is essential ??3/??2 per place (bike reservation).

Festival box office 01603 766400

For more info: click here