MADE in Sweden

MADE in Sweden

Off go the genies to Sweden

And the boat was named after my mum Dana

A 19 hour boat ride and couple of days on a train spat us out in northern Sweden, more specifically a town called Umea. Why have we traveled so far you may wonder? We are Recomposing Future at the MADE Festival. Yes, yes, yes. We’re having a wicked time being given a wonderful opportunity to create a sound installation powered by the bicycle. But rather than just simply being the makers of the piece, we are working as facilitators with the people of Umea.

In summary, we’re running 3 workshops with people in Umea to build the equipment that will power the 3 channel sound installation this Saturday.?? Two Tannoy speakers will be linked to each bike and the cyclists will be conducting the piece inside our little greenhouse. The piece will be about 15 minutes long running on a loop for 7 hours. The whole process is very organic and we really are making it up as we go along ….giving it a life of its own.

We'll be keeping warm in our greenhouse

The content is being constructed during our visit.?? Whilst in Umea we have been speaking to and recording all sorts of people around the themes of ecology, authority, progress and future. I guess we wanted to create a space for reflection, an opportunity to express how we feel without having to be on anyone’s side, agreeing or disagreeing with anyone. Now we’ll start to chop, cut and paste to create the final unified sound bite. At the end of the project, Umea is going to keep the equipment, so they can use it for other workshops and events. As Umea is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2014, we may even get the chance to come back and build up our installation and the pedal powered monopoly…..ha hahaha…