Big Day In Sweden

Big Day In Sweden

It’s been a big day in Sweden today. We’ve done our second bike power workshop, finished building one of the speaker systems we’ll be using for our sound installation, we had a meeting with the Cultural Minister for Umea and it’s Steve’s 40th birthday!

We’ve managed to get over the language barriers (not that hard as everyone in Sweden seems to speak better English than we do!) and taught a few people about the ins and outs of our pedal powered projects. The response has been amazing.?? Umea is a cycle-friendly city and people have even been talking about starting some of their own bike power projects over here.

The speaker systems are looking rather lovely. As we mentioned in the last blog, we?? shipped the bike power kits ahead of us in some cargo boxes. We made these so that we could turn them into the trailers that would house the components for the finished products. We’ve been constructing these during our daily workshop sessions with the lovely people of Umea.

In our meeting with the Culture Minster for Umea we chatted about working with the city on an ambitious project in 2014?? when they become a European City of Culture. It’s all in the planning stages at the moment but we’ll keep you updated with further details.

Steve had a lovely birthday doing some off-road cycling on a city bike, playing his new mandolin (which we gave him for his birthday) and drinking far too much rum. Happy Birthday Steve!