Manchester Bicycle Thieves

Manchester Bicycle Thieves

We sent Adam up north last weekend to the Grassroots DIY Bicycle Conference hosted by i Bike MCR last weekend to find out what’s going on outside the M25…

The weekend was a mix of bicycle projects from around the UK working with local communities and reused bikes in an aim to promote cycling and sustainability. There were some great organisations in attendance including 56a, I Bike MCR, PoWWow Pedal Power, Pedallers’ Arms, The Bristol Bike Project, The (Unnamed) Women’s Bicycle Project, Birmingham Bike Project, Velorution, The Rat Star, Wheels For Wellbeing, Cycle Training UK,
Recyke-Y-Bike and of course us!?? (Apologies to anyone we left out but my memory isn’t what it used to be)

Manchester Grassroots Bike Conference

Loads-a-bikes! Photo by Nes of I Bike MCR

The conference was aimed at trying to address some of the challenges that we face as grassroots cycling and community organisations such as equality in the workspace, funding and ethics, and the politics of the bicycle. Some practical pedalling was also thrown in for good measure in the form of Dave from CT’s cycle ride experiment which took us on a tour through a dual carriage way in Manchester.

Magnificent Revolution at I Bike MCR

Workshop - Photo by Nes of I Bike MCR

The Grassroots DIY Bicycle Conference was an amazing event with some great discussions, inspiring company, and a great pub called Jackson’s Boat (they even run a cycle hire out of their barn!). We also got a treat on Saturday night with a surprise performance by the steampunk accordion king Magpie and the always amazing Miss Jezzabelleza.

There were some really positive steps at the end, with the proposal to work towards a set of guidelines and resources for projects such as ours and the potential formation of a syndicate of bicycle organisations.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Nes and Ed for putting on a cracking event and can’t wait for the next one.

Check out pics from the day:

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