Hello from Slovakia…

Hello from Slovakia…

Oio Cycle Courier. Photo by Oio.

One fine day, when we were going about our revolutionary business, I received an email along the lines of “Hello from Slovakia. I???m amazed at what you’re doing over there”. Little did that lovely man know that the person on the receiving end of his email was actually a fellow Slovakian. Of course, I replied with my terrible written form of dusty Slovakian.

Reading an email that was so enthusiastic about what we’re doing was amazing, especially as we’ve been doing the revolution for a while now and it’s easy to lose a sense of objectivity, and forget to pat ourselves on the back every once and a while. The most amazing part about this Anglo-Slovakian incident was actually what they are up to in the eastern block (or, as I like to think of it, the heart of Europe). I’m dedicating this blog to all the hard working revolutionaries in Slovakia.

The East Slavs started up their own Critical Mass in Bratislava, which I???m definitely joining if I happen to visit my family at the right time.

Critical Mass Bratislava. Photo by Oio

Berco (who originally emailed us) also runs one of Bratislava???s first cycle courier companies, Oio Cyklokurier. Wow! I have never thought that Slovakians had it in them???.just goes to show how cynical I can be. Prove me wrong; I love it!