ARUP???s Bike Power Challenge

ARUP???s Bike Power Challenge

At the end of last year, we were contacted by OvaGreen at Arup to build them one of our bicycle generator for their 10th Anniversary Celebration in London.

OvaGreen is a corporate initiative that supports efforts to reduce the environmental impact of individual Arup employees. Members meet on a regular basis to discuss practical ways to reduce their environmental impact and support charitable events, including Ride to Work Day, Earth Hour and Clean up Australia Day. OvaGreen also championed Arup???s involvement in the Government???s Cycle to Work scheme ???via which all UK staff are eligible to hire bicycles and equipment to commute to work.

They used our Resistance Unit to run a Bike Power Challenge to find out which plucky Arup employee could make the most pedal power. Good to see our generator being used for great projects and just look at all those happy cyclists…

We loved it! Thanks for developing such a great piece of kit! – Francesco Anselmo, Arup