Bike Generator Workshop-BRISTOL

November 6th, 200910:07 am @ Mag Rev


Windmill Hill City Farm, Bristol, Saturday 10th July 2010, 10am till 5pm

MR facilitates this workshop for those interested in learning the ins and outs of pedal power generators. Our workshops have a good balance of theory and hands-on experience. Participants can discover how to use their own bike as part of a small power station, capable of powering computers, stereos, TVs and other small household appliances. Participants will find out about:

* Basic system design
* Load assessment
* Power generation
* Electricity storage using batteries
* Conversion of DC to AC electricity by inverters
* Control and monitoring of power.

Participants will take turns in constructing 3 different types of pedal powered systems. The 3 scenarios provide insight into the various equipment used in renewable systems and the pros and cons of these systems. Basic D.I.Y skills are an advantage but are not essential to take part in any of our workshops.

If you???re interested, visit Low Impact Living Initiative???s website to book a place.