Pedal Powered Ceilidh

February 11th, 20099:19 am @ admin


You may remember that while ago we’ve powered a Ceilidh dance at the Hackney City Farm. That seems like history now. We’re proud to tell the world that this time the pedal powered Ceilidh wasn’t instrumented by us but by one of our students, Sonny.

Sonny works with South Lakes Action on Climate Change (SLACC) and came to one of our workshops last October.?? Off he went to build a system that SLACC is now using to power all sorts. Their first event was a Ceilidh fundraiser, where they managed to raise ??1,000 for helping to set up an organic veg farm. From the feedback SLACC received, the bicycle power was a big draw in helping SLACC to sell all tickets.

SLACC are going to build more generators and are planning lots more bicycle-powered events. GO GO!