As night fell on the mill road winter fair we were off to our second gig of the day powering The Jelly Royale at the decompression party in London!

We arrived just in time to set up our kit before the party began at which point the crew had a rest and a beer and the jellies got themselves into some modified magnificent usherette outfits.

Setting Up

Setting Up - The Madness Unfolds!

We had some hard acts to follow! A fancy dress competition, some naked sushi (yes, naked people covered in sushi which is apparently very popular in Japan!) and a man swinging around near the ceiling attached by great meat hooks through his skin! As we found some willing cyclists and checked the kit was ready for action we wondered whether we could match all this madness.

Naked Sushi


Song Order

The Jellies Discuss the Song Order for the Night

As the Jellies were sound checking some speakers, too energy hungry for us to power started to feedback. The sound booth had switched them on not really realising that we were off grid and making our own energy, barbora put them straight using her bike powered mike and directed the sound crew to “have a break and get yourselves a drink”.

Everyone got down had a dance and a cycle. We did it again!

Packing Up

Time to go Home


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