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Climate Change March After Party

December 10, 2007

Another week and another trip to the synergy center this time for the climate change march after party. This time we needed 10 bikes as we planned to power some films. After setting up the projector and the 3 bikes we had brought with us it was time for he party to begin, so we […]


December 10, 2007

As night fell on the mill road winter fair we were off to our second gig of the day powering The Jelly Royale at the decompression party in London! We arrived just in time to set up our kit before the party began at which point the crew had a rest and a beer and […]

Mill Road Winter Fair

December 5, 2007

Hosted by the Argyle Street Housing Coop and held at the annual Mill Road Winter Fair, this event aimed to reach the widest possible audience… and it sure did. With thousands of visitors, the Mill Road Winter fair was the perfect opportunity for Magnificent Revolution to engage with the public and raise awareness amongst all […]


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