The story so far…

The idea for The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema came about in April 2007, between three people who thought they could somehow make it work. Some early purchases from ebay, borrowing a neighbour’s road bike and some basic tests seemed to prove that bike power wouldn’t be that hard to master.

Talking to others with more knowledge of such things as electronics, projectors and invertors (and there’s a lot of these people in Cambridge) and we’re fairly confident that we can make a cycle powered cinema work.

Through some nice connections the idea was proposed to The Big Chill Festival and they backed us by given us a venue for our first performance, and some seed funding, which allows us to build up the kit needed for the project.

We come into May 2007 with a good idea, useful friends, a little bit of kit, some money (promised) and no workshop to build the thing in. We haven’t even got any bikes yet.