Found our workshop

We realised early on in the project that trying to build a cycle powered cinema was going to take a fair amount of space, with our calculations as they stand, we think we’re going to need at least ten bikes to power the thing. Ten bikes on stands takes up quite a bit of room and will largely effect the final layout of our cinema, but for the sake of being able to build and test the kit, it meant we needed some room.

In Cambridge, space is quite a hard thing to come by, certainly if your budgets aren’t huge and you can’t commit to more than a couple of months rent. When you start looking about, you do find the odd warehouse here and there, due to be demolished to make way for more flats.

After asking around amongst friends and on local community websites, we found out that The Portland Arms, a local legend of a pub, has a barn out back which hasn’t been used for a while, instead just a store for all that ‘pub junk’ that builds up over the years. The deal was on, we clear it out, pay a little in rent, and it’s ours for a couple of months. It’s on, we’ve got our workshop.