Cycle-In Cinema @ Thames Festival 2011

Cycle-In Cinema @ Thames Festival 2011

Saturday 10th / Sunday 11th September
8pm – 10pm
Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road, Lon SE1 8XX
Feast On The Bridge, Southwark Bridge
, City of London SE1 9HL

Boris certainly has his flaws but he does know how to have a good time. Join us at this year’s Thames Festival extravaganza for a series of pedal powered film screenings along the river.

On Saturday and Sunday night, you can catch our Cycle-In Cinema outside the Royal Festival Hall where we’ll be showing a special selection of Charlie Chaplin short films plus with the world premiere of Deva Palmier’s Southbank Unseen, which promises to blow our minds and get us thinking through four, visually dynamic and aurally arresting, documentary dramas that delve into the unseen.

You can also catch us on Southwark Bridge on Saturday for a fishy film screening of Splash on Southwark Bridge as part of the Feast On The Bridge.